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Protocol Stacks

For embedded CANopen solutions

HMS offers under the IXXAT brand various protocol stacks allowing for implementation of the CANopen functionality on customer specific embedded microcontroller platforms. The protocol software is delivered as hardware-independent C-source code and is always tested with the latest CANopen conformance test software of the CiA. Detailed documentation and sample programs enable a quick start with the software.

At the moment HMS offers the following software packages:
  • CANopen Protocol Software
    The CANopen protocol software includes all necessary functions to implement slave or simple master devices according to the CANopen specification CIA 301 (EN 50325-4). Support for LSS services according to CIA 305 is included by default. Additional modules are available to integrate flying master or SDO manager functionality.
  • CANopen Manager Software
    The CANopen Manager software is a very powerful software package that allows for implementation of CANopen units, which can be operated as slave, master or complex CANopen manager devices. The software package is based on the specifications CIA 301, CIA 302 and CIA 405.
  • CANopenRT (Real-Time) Software
    The CANopenRT software is a specific version of the CANopen protocol software featuring enhanced interfaces which permit a highly efficient integration into either real-time or mainstream operating systems.

For PC based master and manager applications

HMS also offers an application programmers interface (API) for the realization of master and slave devices, serving all kinds of applications and complexity of the network. It is delivered as a Windows library (DLL) which can be integrated easily into the users software.
  • CANopen Master API
    The IXXAT CANopen Master API is a software package that allows for a simple development of CANopen slave and master applications such as control, service and test programs for the Windows platform.

  • CANopen Manager API
    The IXXAT CANopen Manager API is a powerful and flexible software solution that - in combination with the iPC-I XC161/PCI(e) CAN interface - allows for the implementation of generic CANopen control applications. It can also be integrated with IEC 61131-3 compliant run-time environments on Microsoft Windows based platforms. It is based on the CANopen Manager Software, and thus fully supports the standardized CANopen boot-up procedure. The CANopen Manager API complies with the CiA specifications CIA 301, CIA 302, and CIA 405.